We can help you put the pieces together. 
Confused by all the treatment options?
Don't know where to begin?
Dr. Jason Sonners, has been practicing functional medicine for 15 years and shares his knowledge.  Autism is not about treating the condition, it is about treating the person.   
That's why he has created.........
A Functional Medicine Guidebook For Putting The Pieces Back Together 
Enjoy this free book as our gift to you for participating in this summit. 
In this Guidebook Dr. Sonners explains:
Traditional vs. Functional Medicine 
Proper Diagnostic Testing
Toxicity & Deficiency 
Therapy Options - Detox, Microbiome Balance, Dietary Changes, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Neuro-Rehab and Neurofeedback 
Having this information will help you make informed choices for your family. 
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